IEEE PELS Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (2016 WoW)

October 4-6, 2016, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
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About WoW 2016

Wireless power transfer is a safe, convenient, and a highly efficient method of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Applications cover a wide range of power transfer levels from a few W to a few hundreds of kW with transfer distances from a few millimeters to a few hundreds of millimeters. When applied for in-motion charging applications, wireless charging can be the ultimate end of game in transportation electrification, providing reduced battery size and cost with unlimited range for EVs. On the other hand, wireless charging systems still need improvement before wider commercialization in terms of cost, efficiency, infrastructure, electric and magnetic field emissions, standards, safety, and interoperability. This workshop aims to feature the most up-to-date, original developments in the field of wireless power transfer systems. Prospective researchers are invited to submit papers for presentation in this workshop sponsored by IEEE PELS, IAS, IES, VTS, MAGNETICS, MTT-S. Original research and practical contributions as well as surveys and state-of-the-art tutorials are welcome.

The WoW Workshop will be co-located with the International Energy Agency’s Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (IA-HEV) Task 26 Workshop on “Wireless Power Transfer for EVs.” Task 26 is organizing a special session at the WoW on “Safety of WPT Systems” and all safety related papers will be presented in this special session. IA-HEV Task 26 aims at developing a greater global understanding of wireless power transfer (WPT) systems and interoperability through a focused study of WPT technologies being developed in the participating countries. This task includes a study of country-based standards (JARI, IEEE, SAE, ISO/IEC), technical approaches, grid interactions, regulatory policy, and safety codes for WPT. In conjunction with each other, this is a unique opportunity to participate in both workshops in Knoxville, TN! More information on IA-HEV Task 26 on Wireless Power Transfer for EVs is available at:

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  • Abstract submission: July 22, 2016 (extended)
  • Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2016
  • Final manuscript: September 15, 2016
Conference Tracks
  1. Stationary wireless charging of electric vehicles,
  2. In-motion (dynamic) wireless charging,
  3. High frequency power electronic converters for WPT applications,
  4. Design and fabrication of electromagnetic couplers,
  5. High-power WPT for fast charging and heavy duty vehicles,
  6. Vehicle integrations and interoperability issues,
  7. Safety, health, and environmental issues,
  8. Electromagnetic inference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues,
  9. Infrastructure development (distribution, construction, renewables integration, etc.),
  10. Standards development, policy, economics, regulations, and integration issues,
  11. Modeling, simulation, design, and control systems,
  12. Other application areas.
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